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GeckoboardWeb, Branding Guidelines, Illustration

In my current role as a Designer at Geckoboard, I’ve been able to tackle a number of interesting challenges, including creating brand guidelines, conception and ideation of various illustrations and design and build of landing pages and email campaigns.

Web Design

Many of the pages on the Geckoboard marketing site have been iterated upon heavily based on analytical data and around the Jobs to be Done framework. These are some of the latest redesigns recently deployed on our live site.

Home Page

Product Page

Geckoboard HQ

Some fun illustrations of our London office.

Geckoboard Office Day

Geckoboard Office Night


I recently made a fun poster for the folks at the London office highlighting our mission statement.



I’ve been working on some fun t-shirt designs to send out to our valued customers and friends. Not available for purchase just yet!

Fast Data Tee

Rocket Data Tee

Built on Data Tee

Promotional Materials

Recently we decided to treat our customers and friends to some goodies, and as well as the old standards like t-shirts and hoodies, we sent out some postcards and stickers too. I created a sheet of stickers, and an illustration for a handwritten postcard.